Buddy causing crash?

So everytime I go to play with or feed my buddy, the app crashes…anyone else having this issue?

Which phone are you using? Does it only occur with AR+?

Android. Samsung s10. And no, i hit ‘play’ and then the screen goes black and no matter what I do (tap screen or wait) it shuts out…



Which processor does your phone have?

My game will crash sometimes when it switches to AR mode. But not very often.

I do not know if this is a thing for Android, but maybe you should give Pokemon go access to your camera.

That is a thing in iOS.

Hi, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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@sarahridgway it looks like your AR+ might be turned on.
The game loves to set that as a default every time you restart after a crash or logging back into the game again.
Go into your Pokémon game settings an find the AR+ and un check that again.
It used to be up the top but you need to scroll down to find the AR+ Setting now. They are really trying to force using it on people now.

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