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Buddy-candy distance change?

The often confused one is confused again and would appreciate a clue.

My last remaining Johto research task is to earn a candy with my buddy. I’m stuck at my desk most of the week so switched yesterday to a buddy with a 1km candy distance. While I wasn’t sure why, the buddy-candy tracker showed me at .4 km out of .5 km this morning. I’ve drifted a few feet here and there all morning, but would probably take the rest of the day to finish that last .1 km.

Checked it a few minutes ago, and noticed it shows me at .4 km out of 1 km now. Now I’m really confused. I’m sure something in Niantic’s notices explain why the buddy distance was cut in half earlier. And also why the distance reverted to full just a few minutes ago.

Can anybody explain it to me, or point me towards the game news item that told us, please?

Buddy walking distance is halved when your buddy gets excited. Could this be the reason your 1km shrank to 0.5?

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So it is. Thanks.