Buddy Aventure Discussion

Discuss everything with the new Buddy Adventure feature now in the game.
I’ve had it for just short of a full day now.
Found on big annoyance with it today.
The Battle with Buddy part is extremely missleading in that it says battle Gyms, Raids, Rockets while walking with you buddy.
I tried all of them and never got rewarded with a heart.
To get the heart you need to battle using your Buddy. Having it in a team and not using it g DGG pedant count as I tested that to.
1/2 way through it for a second time already.

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Thanks for the heads up regarding battling, that will save me some time figuring it out. I’m enjoying it so far, but we’ll see how long it lasts. The walking with it isn’t going to happen much for me unless it’s a community day where I’m out walking and playing.

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The good thing with the walking one is regardless of your Buddy it’s a flat 2km for each heart not linked to Buddy Candy.

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There has been chat on Filth Road that your Buddy can be leveled up to L45 but will only be L45 while it is your Buddy.
None of this has been verified yet.
Bit early for April Fools.
I would love a L45 Giratina O though :grinning:

Color me thoroughly confused.

But I found nothing appealing about the new buddy adventure. It seems like a Tamagotchi has been dropped in our laps, and I have never wanted one of those.

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I got my first new place heart when I did my first gym battle, but no battle heart

Was your buddy in your gym battle party?

No, my buddy is a Klink. Not going to win many gym battles with that.

I haven’t had any problem with the battle heart, but my Lucario needs to actually battle to get it.

I hear putting it on your battle team for a trainer battle gets a battle heart.

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Yeah, just read that too. I’ll skip that heart for now. I use buddy system for stuff I still need to evolve. Not going to change that aspect of my play.

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Having my Lucario bustle around is cute somehow, but also a bit irritating… but I haven’t found the feature too appealing up to now… Maybe because the real advantages will come very late (from ultra buddy upwards).
Especially the “visit a new place” thing is annoying… I can’t visit a new stop every day, there just are not enough new ones. And I can’t go to another town everyday…


Ferroseed rolling around you made me appreciate it a lot more

Annoying is a good description…
Found this morning all hearts gone…

This feature to go to new places works in this moment, because a lot of people are installing new Pokestops, but in a short time this effect will stop.

And this morning taking the photo for a heart, I found the Smeargle.

A have a shiny larvitar as buddy now, but because of the daily battle heart i’m thinking about swapping him to something i actually use in fights, like mewtwo or even Machamp. Missing out hearts is thing, but once you get a CP boost on a pokemon yo’re not using that’s just a waste.

Also, i really miss being able to show of my most recent shiny pokemon as buddy, which many people used to do in my region.

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i decided, my buddy is now my shiny 91% roch smash Tyrranitar. I use those the most and it’s shiny :smile:
lost 2 days of progress but will make it up easily and it’s more usefull

Here’s my tactics - have a main buddy that you want to level up quickly and enjoy walking with - but make use of the fact you can swap your buddy 20 times a day (you don’t lose candy walking distance anymore).

Pick another set of pokes that you might need to be at level 45 for short-manned/ solo raids and swap ‘em in to grab the 3 easy hearts (first feed, play, snapshot) before moving on to the next.

Do this every day and in 100 days you’ll have up to another 19 super-tough best buddies to unleash. :sunglasses:🥳
Then start a new batch…

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The battle heart is easy too, just use it to train against a team leader :slight_smile:

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You can include your buddy in your battle party when training with team leaders, your buddy does not need to participate in the actual battle/training.

The hearts dissipate each day, but if you drag your finger to the right, you’ll see a total breakdown of how many hearts you earned cumulatively in each category.