Broken pokestops

So my partner and I live in Victoria, Australia, and we are having trouble using pokestops, even if we stand at one it tells us try again. We have tried switching from 3G to 4G to see if that changes anything. But the try again error keeps popping up. Has anyone else in Australia or other countries experienced this bug?

Yeah, it might be that you are moving when you are trying to spin the stop. However, that should be fixed now.

If you move too fast it will say try again later. This can also happen with lag, or if you spun the pokestop successfully in the last 5 minutes.

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Had the same issues. Even standing still next to it did not help. Think it’s a Niantic-issue.

Have you checked your journal? I occasionally get that message but it is because the animations failed, and I have in fact already received items for the stop.

I didn’t get it, sometimes I got something, most of the time i didn’t. The circle stayed white. If I kept trying I even got kicked of the server and had to relog in. No connection issues on my side, checked that instantly.

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