Broken Breakthrough

welp, niantic thought making timezone changing would fix stuff actually nope just broke my game.

No, i did not timezone skip this week.

Yes at midnight i clicked a research task i completed BUT didn’t notice the white circle wasn’t there.

Today is the 12th! everywhere in the world. Why can’t i get my breakthrough?

Simple answer…Niantic done **** up.

Currently it’s almost 6am eastern timezone. Regardles of where you are in the world it is the 12th of January. No matter if i can change timezone it’s the 12th of January everywhere except asia pacific being the 13th.

As you see in the photo last task done the 11th. If i email Niantic ill probably get something for my troubles but the key matter is the date is messed up in game due to nothing glitched.

Sad days. Oh well right?

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That sucks man

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It finally fixed itself, but on the bright side been getting 3 free raid passes a day idk why.

any staff can close this now.