Breeding (speculation)

Although Breeding isn’t a confirmed system that will be implemented in Pokemon GO, it would be nice for boosting the amount of candy for power-ups & evolution. How do you speculate on the breeding system and in which way it should be restricted so as to ban abusing behaviour? Please comment below to share your thoughts.

For those who don’t know how it works, you may check out this website to have a better understanding on breeding system.émon_breeding

Well, you could have breeding centres (basically replacing a few Pokestops, shouldnt be too common, definetly less than gyms)
And you should be able to put two of your own Pokemon inside
Egg groups and female passing down species would work as normal, and maybe they could give some Pokémon egg moves as well (but the problem is how evolution changes moves, maybe egg moves should stay)

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They could stop giving out eggs or make them less common from stops and introduce this feature. You should have to pay stardust and leave the pokemon in for a certain time( a few hours maybe?) and the rarity of the pokemon would determine how far you would have to walk to hatch it .It would also make more use for dittos