Breeding has been included... a joke

Today I had a strange experience, and I think the only logic conclusion is that Niantic has included Breeding in the game.

I walked by the street when I saw three mon’s in the same place, one on top of the other. I thought it would be funny to throw a ball in this mountain to see which of them will be catched…

And what a surprise when coming out, that I catched a Houndour.

So, I can conclude that breeding a Mankey, a Paras and a Zigzagoon gives you: a Houndour.

(Future investigation has to show if this result is repeatable)


Also can confirm, breeding a Wailmer and a Poliwag gives you a female Nidoran.


Jiji, very well, I will add this to my breeding-list…

This is just like when I clicked on a gym and all Pokémon were on top of each other in one line centered. Then a second later they spread out like they were doing something bad and got caught😂 happened a few weeks ago.