Big PvP 4: Metagross/Tyranitar/Gyarados/Dragonite

Getting real tired of seeing these guys in Ultra/master league

Metagross is the worst, it’s pretty common, insanely strong and there isn’t really a generic hard counter at that tier unless you go for PC/FT Mewtwo. B/C Tyranitar probably wouldn’t beat it.

Tyranitar: Counters Dragonite and can probably win a DPS race WF/HP Gyarados with Rock loadout, Should lose in a DPS race with Metagross even with B/C

Gyarados: The weakest of the lot but the most common since everyone has one

Dragonite: Just a bit better than Gyarados but neutral to everything

How do you guys counter them?

The only one I can think of is Kyogere.
All weak/neutral to a pair of Kyos with HP + Thunder and HP + Blizzard and they deal either neutral or resisted damage to it

Only thing Kyo isn’t good against is Mewtwo but they aren’t really that common because majority can’t really afford to max them and they are kind of overdependent on their charge moves firing (which is kind of a problem with their low def)

What do you guys think of the meta?


Mewtwo can kill all four of them based on his moveset
You need a balanced team, Tyranitar can beat Gyarados or Dragonite, Kyogre beats Metagross and often Tyranitar (and the other two as youve mentioned

The meta is strictly defined as everybody expected it to be, there isnt much space with this system


Groudon (2x ground) is super effective against Tyranitar and Metagross

Raikou does a great job at neutral damage, also electric is resistant for steel.


Wanted to mention Groudon but completely forgot lol
Just keep in mind that he’s otherwise hard-countered by Dragons


That’s why you have a team.

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yea I thought of Groudon too

Though he gets owned by Gary unless he has a surprise Solar Beam in his pocket

Raikou is ok, but its stats arent very good, strange that electric is neutral to rock??

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Should be super-effective, true

PvP hasn’t been out long enough to be tired of anything.

Kyogre, Groupon, Machamp/Hariyama are all solid counters to that group. Rayquaza is stronger than Dragonite. Rhyperior despite many weaknesses has under the right conditions as the potential to destroy your opponents.

All that said the creme will always rise so the strongest attackers will always be most prevalent in the higher leagues. If you want more variety utilize the lower leagues. Each tier will have different Pokémon dominate.


Machamp is bad in Master League, his only real use is killing the potential TTar, he’s useless otherwise

Hariyama is in my opinion better because of it’s much better survivability

Outside Mewtwo there are few counters commonly used that deal super effective damage to fighting types. As Tyranitar reigns supreme in the league it is reasonable to take either or big fighter. As more people have a high level high CP Machamp than do Hariyama it makes it a viable option for anyone expecting to face Ttar in battle.

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Yes, but its a dead weight if your opponent doesnt have a Tyranitar
Groudon can kill TTar too, resists his rock moves and provides extra utility against Metagross (and can 1v1 non-Ice Beam Mewtwo if Im not mistaken)
As well as killing electrics

For Metagros, Tyranitar I used that Sumo Pokémon. Hariyama?

For Dragonite, I use either Jolteon or Magnemite or Rhydon with stone edge.

I see them all the time where I am it’s either them or Blissy & Slaking but Hariyama is great :heartpulse:

In PvP? Slaking? Blissey?

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Well then… if it’s in PvP I’m kinda screwed.

Slaking is a terrible Pokemon to use in PvP and Blissey isnt much better
One perk they have is that their only counter is… Bad in PvP overall

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I actually got confused & didn’t read the title properly. Thought u meant Gyms not PvP… need more coffee :coffee:

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I have a 100% Tyranitar and Metagross, and a 98% Gyarados and Dragonite. I know it’s early, but I already got bored with using them and have began switching it up. lol


Reggie Steele does pretty good in the 1500 category and Blissey is good as well with Hyper Beam

And the players in my town are using a Pokemon in the 2500 and unlimited category that not too many people would think of that is decimating everybody else

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