Bidoof SCAM

I am very disappointed to see the Pokémon Go route that is being taken . Why can’t I choose to say no to having my spawns taken over by Bidoof if I want to continue having research quests and keeping up with the changes implemented in the game instead of re hashing and pretending the changes were not needed in the game to make it playable for all likes Pokémon Go’s original presented aim . It says directly on the challenge this is a trick question and no one is allowed to speak otherwise apart from here so I must share my mind .

Because it’s all part of the game. It’s also just a game. No need to take it so seriously.


You don’t have to do the research if it bothers you that much. Bidoof spawns should already be over anyway.
But @bobbyjack8 is right, if you take it too seriously, then it might not be as enjoyable to play anymore, whether it’s with regular spawns or another Pokemon in place of Bidoof.


My dude, the game itself is repetitive, boring and grindy, why is a tiny event like this with a good shot at a new shiny bad?

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I’m not a Pokémon master. I still need 5?million more XP to get to Level 48

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You have the Pokemon master badge, not Pokemon champion