Better items for level

The game has to reward higher level players with more higher level items. Currently players only get the good items when they achieved silver or gold badge. But being a level 35+ using potions is pretty useless. The game should implement a higher ratio of Super to Max potions and more Max revives. I used to throw away potions now i am at a level where i get daily 50 coins and all the healing is ridiculous not to mention all the worthless berries i be tossig away. If there is a way to implement higher level reward items this would be a better way for players of high levels to enjoy gyms.

Why do you throw your berries away…?!? Use them on gyms & build up your badges…

Berries is only comment? You get so many that you can throw away 70 and still have plenty. Please think bout the potions not the berries that i throw.

I wouldn’t worry too much - once you start to build them up it won’t be so much of an issue. I don’t raid as much as some of the lvl 40s in my area & near work but I do spin a lot of gyms & stops so I’ve built up a stash of max revives, revives, max & hyper potions but don’t keep that many berries.