Best vs Machamp?

Wondering what people use for attacking Machamps? Not seeing much around about it save perhaps Alakazam or Snorlax? I’m sure there’s more. :slight_smile:

Fighting takes full damage from fairy,flying and psychic. I never fight a machamp before actually cuz people don’t leave them in gym lol. But interesting battle.

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Don’t need type advantages for everything, especially something as frail as Machamp…
Something as simple as Vaporeon will take him out easily.

I usually use dual type (flying and psychic) like Xatu. It’s perfect i think

I don’t see it in gyms ever, so I wouldn’t worry about having a specific counter for it.
I would just use your strongest Pokemon.

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Haven’t seen a Machamp in gyms in a hot minute so why not use one of those Wigglytuff, Pigeot, or Alakazam against them?

All else fails, Fire and earthquakes are very effective. You have to think as if it were human sometimes. Golem, Arcanine, Even Vaporeon