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Kinda pointless article, making the Mon lucky ruins it for PvP

For me the obstacle is the risk of getting low-IV results from trades.

How does becoming lucky ruin a Pokemon for PvP?

Because they have a 12-IV floor

A 12 IV would ruin it for just about any use, not just PvP.

I got a 100% lucky don’t see how it would ruin it


Because, if you had any interest in PvP, you would know that 12-15 Attack IV is awful on a PvP Mon that doesnt max out right before 1.5k/2.5k
You want 0 attack IV and usually some sort of optimal defense/HP, so its not achievable with lucky trade
(and sorry for that sorta arrogant jab at the beginning)

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That is why they just call the Pokemon with a Max CP around the border to the next league. In that case a high IV is exactly what you want.

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If it still goes over the border then 100% arent its best IVs anyway though, so why waste a lucky trade on something a regular one can fix?

Then indeed you don’t want a 100%, but maybe a 91 can be nice then.

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Usually you need to lack attack or only have very low attack IV
And values around 0-6 arent possible through lucky trade

Agree, but for the Pokemon mentioned you don’t want to have this neither.

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