Best Pokédex Entries


And how do you value it? Why this Dragonite is a good example?

Best number of encounters and catches. For example, if I had caught over 3k magikarp, I would’ve posted it here.

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Candy yeah?

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Yessss… it needs it, and it has won it

And the 10 K Magikarp candies. Perfect, Dont catch more Magikarp! This person with autism is very satisfied at the moment


@ShadowWolf What?! 44 Dragonites?!

Thisi is not really impresive but still worth posting.

Gave up on the magikarp :blush:

Now I

I guess it’s this

I could’ve caught loads more than I have but this Pokémon irritates me with his annoying face and hands haha. So intend to leave him now unless he’s a big one.

I like this candy number!