Best Nicknames?

I have a few-

My second Tyranitar is named “Reptar”, and my second Dragonite named “John Snow”

My three Ursaring being “Mama Bear”, “Angus”, and “USSRing”

Lugia is “Mama Luigi”

Vaporeon is “PercyJackson” (loved those books :3)

Muk is “Hexxus”, Feraligatr is “Chip”, Tangela is “Papyrus” (I will not apologize for being fandom trash.)

Magcargo is “Johhny” (inside joke with me and my sister involving The Outsiders)

and then i have a full collection of 666 CP pokemon, including Satan, Satan Rock, Satan Goo, Hellhound, Deviled Eggs, and Hellephant to name a few.


I had a Pikachu with a CP of 404 so I named him “Error”

And then Niantic changed CPs and I have never caught or leveled up another error again.



Child named his snorlax thgndim midnght backwards. :slight_smile:


Named Articuno Freeza hahaha. Anyone who watched dragonball understands me

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Called my shiny altaria quavers. Because quavers are yellow and it is also a musical term. it suits shiny altaria quire well

I’m a bad person…


My Gyarados from the Mew Quest is called “Questados”, the CD Pikachus are called “Surfachu”, the CD Dragonites are called “Dracoran” (normal German name is Dragoran, so I just changed one letter for Draco Meteor).
I have Godzilla and Little Foot (TTars), Mufassa and Scar (Arcanines), SchwesterJoy and OfficerRocky (Blisseys, German Joy and Jenny), Hulk and Mr.Muscle and Mrs.Muscle (Marchamps) and many other nice gems.

My son named all his male Tyranitars “Godzilla” and female Tyranitars “'Zilla”.

MY lugia named “Pulagi” inside joke with my gf

Named Mewtwo in japanesse Mewtwo and Supreme one.

Named my tyranitar Tyrant and Titan

My Mewtwo called “Purple Master”
Reference to a movie character based on Mewtwo.

hypno called grandad (my friend on his accoutn)

Λεωνιδας the Entei