Best movesets for raiding

Ideally we want to be maximizing our dps whenever we raid, not only because we want the contribution bonus and an extra ball, but who really plays to be dead weight?

In most cases max dps comes from our 100 energy moves (full bar), and as far as dps goes charge move > quick move.

Now given the amount of damage that these raid bosses deal, and that dmg taken also charges our energy bar, I find that in some cases I can use an 80 energy (2 bar) or 65 energy (3 bar) almost exclusively and rarely have to use my quick attack.

Now the problem here is that this is very difficult to observe because we don’t have combat logs to know how much damage we are actually doing.

What do you think? Do you think you could maximize raid dps/damage by taking more of the 2 bar/ 3 bar charge abilities?

Personally I’m finding that I contribute more with those, as there are times when a pokemon will die (sorry feint) before a single charge move is available (100 energy max dps 1 bar).

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I think if you actually do the math or visit the GoHub Pokedex you will find that many of the 2 or 3 bar moves do have higher DPS than single bar charge moves. It’s not always the case but the math often shows it’s the best.

In terms of damage taken, the boss’s charge move, the patience of the trainer and the general glitchiness of the game will dictate how much damage you take. An impatient Trainer or someone who does not dodge is going to take damage regardless, an overly wary trainer who dodges everything will do less damage. It’s all about balance.

Those are all 1 bar [100 energy] moves. I can’t think of any Pokemon in PoGo where the 2 bar [80 Energy] equals higher dps.

The “dps” only takes into account the cast time and the damage, and will add the [STAB] bonus.

I guess my point here is that because energy required to cast is ignored you actually get a very WRONG calculation for potential dps. Nor does it take into account energy gained from using a quick move.

Sort by dps, your highest dps moves are all 100 energy moves

If you look at theoretical DPS based on only the charge move then you are correct. However that isn’t the actual DPS you get from those moves, you have to factor in the fast moves it takes to power the charge move and look at the total system.

If you factor in the fast moves it takes to charge the move and then look at the DPS of the total cycle the 2 or 3 bar charge moves often win out. For example

Machamp with Counter/Close combat:
It takes 13 (12.5 which has to round up) hits to charge close combat. Total damage the 13 counters and close combat is 256, total time for those moves is 14 secs so your actual DPS per cycle is 18.285.

Machamp with Countrr/Dynamic Punch:
It takes 7 (6.25 which has to round up) hits to charge Dynamic Punch. Total damage for 7 fast and the charge moves is 174, and total time is 9 secs. The actual DPS per cycle is 19.333.

I think Trainer tips has a spreadsheet with the info already calculated for all the Pokémon, but I don’t have a link.

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So I found the spreadsheet.

Super solid and relevant information there.

So I guess the question I am wondering is, what really contributes the most (particularly in a legendary raid situation)

Given lag and the power of the bosses, dodging is widely viewed as a pretty futile practice (again in raids) over the course of the 300 second (5 minute fight) most people will go through all 6 pokemon. Assuming you get it down to the wire, that 50 seconds or less (most people/pokemon considerably less) per pokemon on your team.

Without having the necessary tools to do any real sims I hypothesize that players/trainers could contribute more/better if their movesets reflected that of gym defense, rather than gym offense (at least in the raiding environment.

Even without the DPS figures I’m a fan of the multiple bar charge moves because as you get to the final seconds of the raid you have a better change of being able to get off one more move. These multiple bar charge moves also means your chances are higher get off one more strong hit if your health is dwindling.

Lots of other variables or factor in though like your pokemon level, CP, IVs- Stam, defense and attack power. Higher stats mean more DPS delt out during a raid because the 'mon does more damage output due to attack stats and stays alive longer due to HP/Defense. You also have to factor in resistance or vulnerability to the bosses attacks, and the type advantage.

For simplicity sake, i stay focused on my highest IV Pokémon with type advantages (both resistance and damage) and will power them up for the raid bosses available at the time.

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