Best Eeveelution?

I have a 100 IV Eevee and a 98 IV Espeon, wich Eeveelution should I choose?

If you can choose I should go for Vaporeon

Personally i do like jolteon but honestly, just choose your favourite, if its espeon then choose the 2nd favourite :smiley:

Vaporeon is still best eeveelution.

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I agree vaporeon is the most powerful of the evolution currently available but there is no way to guarantee it unless you haven’t used the name trick yet. But really what you want comes down to what you’ve already got, I’ve got water types (inc multiple vaporeon) invading my dreams at this point so vaporeon is the most useful and could do with a better umbreon.

If you want either espeon or umbreon you can do the walking 10k and evolving at day or night repectivly to get what you want.


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