BEST Eeveelution!

I have 2 eevee 100% and 3 eevee 98%.

what is better for me? Evolve now the eevee’s to the 5 evolutions of generation 1-3 randomly? or wait for leafeon and glaceon?

I understand that the evolutions of leafeon and glaceon will not stand out much in atk, def or sta. Are they going to be worse than the eevee there are now?

I do not care how much they stand out from their type, I just want them to have the best stat in PvP.


If you don’t have at least 3 espeons, I would walk one of the 98s to 10km and evolve during the day…I would save the hundo for leafeon and the other ones you could random evolve or do really whatever you want with them


Glaceon and Espeon are the only good ones
Flareon and Jolteon are alright
Vap is a good defender but outclassed by Milotic
Leafeon is a mediocre grass type outclassed to hell and back by Roserade, Venusaur, Sceptile, Exeggutor…
Umbreon is trash, only decent in Great League
And Sylveon appears to be alright

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This really depends on the quality of the other Pokémon you have. If you have good fire, electric and psychic types I would wait. If you need any of these types I would evolve now.

Gyrados is a much better water type than Vaporeon, plus there are legendaries that far surpass everything else so I intentionally left it off my list.


Umbreon is trash, as @Necrozmadabest said, but sometimes used as a throwback attacker in massive raid groups (12+ acoounts) and is good in the great league, Jolteon is good but avoid Volt Switch and Thunder, use Thundershock, discharge, and thunderbolt. Espeon is one of the best Psychic types in the game, probs in the top five, it is pretty much a less frail Alakazam, but less atk, by a little.
Vaporeon is very good, but is less used now due to Kyogre and Gyarados as well as upcoming Hydro Cannon Swampert.
Flareon is a throwback Entei/Moltres, use Fire Spin/Ember along with Overheat or Flamethrower. Hope you find this helpful.

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Still trash,assive raid groups are better off using Tyranitar as an anchor anyways
But yeah, pretty much it

Depends on what type you need more Pokemon for

Lel. Roserade is trash. I annihilated a couple with Venusaur and his Solar Beam. Stop listening to youtubers. Sceptile and Exeggutor and great grass types and I think Leafeon will join their ranks as well.

As for the best eeveelotion, uhmm can’t choose any of them. They’re all good. It depends on the type.

How about you stop ignoring the fact that Roserade is statistically, mathematically and factually better than the fat frog and gecko?
Just use simulators, Roserade laughs at Venusaur’s low DPS

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How come your toothpick got annihilated by my Venusaur? Because the toothpick trash is squishy, it can’t take any hits.

Good to know you are just a troll though


I disagree with him, therefore he is a troll!!
How snowflake-y

He is not trolling, he is telling you accurate info, if he was trolling then he would try to put misleading info. I was going to give you a link on its analysis on the hub, but it is super outdated

For my thoughts about this topic, I think that as of now espeon is the best eeveelution, but I’d wait for the future because the upcoming 3 eeveelutions could be better, mostly depends on what niantic does, this could also affect the performance of the already existing eeveelutions, I won’t talk about how I think the eeveelutions will perform in the future because I don’t like speculating mostly using stuff already in the game


…Ummm I’m pretty sure darkslyveon was saying that you were the one giving accurate info and not trolling.


Sorry, just woke up

All good, happens to the best of us

I like Umbreon. A good one is annoying to fight in a gym. Sure it’s beatable, but still slightly a pain in the butt. I always leave my best one when filling in an Eeveeloution gym.