Best 100 IV in your squad?

Wanted to see what everyone’s best 100 IV Pokemon is. I’ve three but nothing spectacular (Rapisdash, Starmie, and Slowking).

Anyone have any really good/rare ones? Shinies, legendaries, Unown even?

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Kabutops is the only one out of thousands of catches, but it makes it into about 90% of my suggested raid teams. About maxed out to my lvl35 too.

100% Tyranitar Powered Up to game Maximum
100% Entie Powered Up to game Maximum
100% Ditto Powered Up to game Maximum
Other 100% unusual include:

I’ve got 80 different Type 100% IV Pokemon

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If you’re getting use out of it I suppose that’s worth it. Slowking is the only one I really have a use for, it’s got Confusion/Psychic so it’s a half decent back up psychic attacker. I’ve managed a 98 Swampert and a 98 Aron (to be evolved) which I imagine will be a bit more useful

100% Tyranitar is a great one to have. My best is 96 but very happy to have it. Ditto is a really interesting 100 IV, and the regionals are also quite rare. That’s an impressive collection I must say!

I have a total of 20 100% IV pokemon. My personal favorit is my 100% Snorlax that i caught last sunday while on a trigger run all day. It was the last raid, not even a Mewtwo gym. My best Snorlax ever before was a 82%. I was soooo happy.

Other good catches include Vaporeon, Ho-Oh and Gyarados and Venesaur.

Some of the lesser include a Pidgeot, Beedrill, and 3 Azumarills. The rest of 100%'s are in this category.

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I’d be very happy with some of those catches! Vaporeon, Ho-oh, and Gyarados and extremely good to have, especially if you’ve got good movesets on them. Congrats on the Snorlax, that’s another great one to add to the list.

Lol, i just checked the rest. Forgot my 100% Jolteon and Blastoise, both catches i’m pretty proud of (even though blastoise is useless and very low level (585cp).

also. I live on a pretty good nest. I can get 5/6 nest spawns per hour if i wanted to but in all those months of playing i caught only 1 100% (ponyta) and that was like 2-3 months ago.

No 100IV yet… maybe accidently transfered one in my nooby days.

I’m always afraid of that. I only really took notice of IVs around the time when gen 2 was coming out. I used to just keep the highest CP. Afraid of what might have been lost…

My only one, Lickitung soon to be a Lickilicky

I got a 100% ttar from a raid and a 100% kyogre from a raid (obviously). I also have a 100 IV exeggutor and a 100 slowpoke that idk if I should turn into a slobro or a slow king, so it’s been a slopoke for the last several months

I have two maxed Machamps which I use in every Gymbattle.
I’m also proud of my Charizard (was my first 100iv), my Gengar, because he’s badass and my Absol.

Two Machamps are a great asset, perfect for a lot of raids. Not going to lie, I’ve very jealous haha

Caught & hatched quite a few 100%ers, no legendaries though (caught a 100% Entei for my gf though :unamused:).
Favorites are;
Tyranitar (maxed)
Aggron (surprise 100% Aron caught while out at dinner last week!)


Tyranitar is always a brilliant one to have. Charizard being my childhood favourite Pokemon, I’m quite jealous of that one! I was the same with Aron, randomly caught a 98% walking home from work.

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Yep, one of my 1st catches on the morning of release was a 96%er when I arrived at work by the 100% was cream!

You’ll like my Machamp battle squad.
Number 5 was caught today weather boosted and evolved straight to 2682CP.
Just need one more good weather boosted Machop on the Map tonight after work and I’m set.


This actually hurts to look at :joy: so so jealous of this squad. I have one Machamp, with Bullet Punch/Stone Edge that I evolved early in that game as a Pokedex filler. Machop isn’t very common around here so it’s been a struggle to get any more. Sitting on a few good IVs though so hopefully lady luck will be on my side when I evolve!

Machop is a common one in good numbers in all the areas I play in around home.
I’ve accumulated over 1000 Candy for these too.
At a rough guess the above once finished will have cost around 1Mil Star Dust and some between 1700-1800 Machop Candy

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