Berries becoming rare?!

Has anyone else noticed a drastic decrease in Berries? I’m low and not seeing it increase like before - is something transitioning?

You can gets lots of Pinap berries from opening presents.

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He’s right that’s what I do and a great way to get great and Ultra Balls

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Only pinap comes from gift, not razz or nanab

No, still heaps of Berries from stops and Gyms.


Same, I get 80 nanab and 100 razz and pinap from a few stops.

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I feed almost all Nanab and razz to gym to get stardust

Had to throw away about 75 Berry’s because my bag was full.

I understand that all I ever keep is pineapples

Your not in any Gyms you could dump them into?
That 750 Star Dust you’ve thrown away :scream:

Yeah… I am running out of berries too, but that’s because I keep throwing them away for Pinap berries.

1500 dust. :wink:

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Nanna’s don’t give any dust in gyms

All berries give you 20 dust if you feed them to mons in gyms… that’s a shame about your nanabs.


Yes, but thats because im dumping everything that isnt golden or silver on a new gym that i wanna get gold fast.
But i still get enough from spins so no i dont see a problem.

Lol, feeling like a noob here. It’s just 75 Berry’s.

Don’t 75 berries convert to 1500 stardust in any gym currently owned by your trainer’s team, whether you have one of your pokemon in the gym at the time or not?

But aren’t there also some limits to the number of berries you can dump in this fashion, though? After I feed a dozen or so berries to any particular pokemon, the game doesn’t let me feed any more to that one. Is that just for the current day, for the rest of that pokemon’s stay in the gym, or what?

100 normal berries per half hour / 10 GR per half hour.
Also a maximum of 10 per pokemon per half hour


Thanks for the into.

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Golden razz are not limited. The same feeding rules aply to them as to normal berrys. Just fed 25 just to test it.

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