Berries and gyms

Is it me or do Pokemon in gyms lose health even if the gym isn’t attacked? I notice the smallest amount of health taken off…im talking 10 or 40 health. But if i go attack a gym i’m doing alot of damage.

Are pokemon health just going down with time in gym?

Wow, that is old information you’re asking :smile:

Yes, motivation of pokemon in gyms drops over time. And Motivation = CP.


That’s why you can feed them even from a large distance

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I never knew thought i was going crazy. Im sure there is alot of lil timbits of info in this game there is to still know. Ty for pointing me in correct direction.:love_you_gesture:t5:

edit- That article answered everything and more. Didn’t know nanab gave more health. Very informative

I made a mistake yesterday by giving my Blissy a golden razz berry, the berry you get from a raid, although I didn’t mean to give it to Blissy it restored all of its motivation and health which I suppose made me happy haha!

You havent played much since the Gym rework, have you?

I do but now i’m on this forum and can ask any pokemon go question i want.:man_shrugging:t5: