Beldum, Ralts, Slakoth and Yokosuka quests found, Gen IV strings removed, new

I want Gen 4 :expressionless::sneezing_face:


me too.

We can assume quite alot of things from this article

  1. A feature Is coming out alonside gen 4

  2. It isn’t PVP

  3. Gen 4 is being worked on and will not be the Ultra Bonus (good for @Robdebobrob)

  4. Yokusaka gets three of the most wanted pokemon in the game

  5. Gen 4 could come after Regirock

6.If Gen 4 comes out the game will do very well.

  1. New legendaries with Gen 4

Smells like Ultra Bonus event.

I think not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, something’s cooking. We shall see.

We shall see… in like 2 weeks :sweat_smile::crazy_face:

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Can’t wait. And I need Pokemon storage upgrade!

i agree

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