Beldum CD Leaked!

Pokemon go put beldum as the next cd pokemon in their website a few minutes ago accidently.

The shiny sprites were also updated for the trio.
Meteor Mash was added to the game a month ago.


For the images and everything go HERE:

@apavlinovic the time is now!


that shiny is perfect

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Very good shiny, can’t wait for Mega!

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Ya it will be epic thanks for using the link

awesome, im only 8 candies short for getting metagross. guess ill just wait till Beldum CD to finally get one lol.

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I evolved my Meta not too long ago and now I instantly regret it :tired_face:

Yep now we know

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i was going to evolve it today, since i caught a beldum and was going to rare candy the rest, barely dodged that bullet.

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Wow that was a skim of death :sob:

I’m glad I decided to buddy up with Bagon instead of Beldum last month.

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Deoxys is here

I still haven’t evolved a Metagross or Salamance.
I’m holding out for a better Bacon than a 93% 15attack
I’ve got a 337cp 100% and 723cp 93% 15 attack Beldum that have enogh Candy for both now but want it to build up a lot more for Power Up the 100%. Been walking Beldum for quite a while now.
The CD will make me finally evolve both.

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If someone doesnt believe me…
Then if I am wrong, suspend me.
I am right.

Well id hate to see you suspended obviously. But 2 things:
1: On your link, if i click on either of the 3 shown community day dates i just get directed to the september one. Cant seem to find anything about Beldum. EDIT: just read the GOHUB post. i get it now :wink:

2: News - Official Megathread you already said here it would be Gastly (Gengar).

Either works for me. The only CD i look forward to at the moment is for Bagon so i can finally make a good salamence. But its starting to get a bit confusing as to wich one its going to be now.

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Either Gastly CD with Shadow Claw Gengar or Beldum CD with Meteor Mash Metagross is great for me.

Not to mention shiny Metagross looks sick!


No suspension. We only got 6 days until Ultra Friend status.

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I said a rumor

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Both go hub and community go news found it

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If not October, definitely December. Oh boy, I am ready. Shiny Metagross is the 2nd best shiny form, only behind Rayquaza. Not to mention he’ll finally get a proper moveset!

Personally i think Beldum will be in December, after Cyndaquil in November and whatever is coming in October.