Beldum CD Discussion

WIll it be as popular as Dratini??
How good will meteor mash be?

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Best steel but still possible its for October

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I hope at least either beldum or ralts gets the community day unless it’s already confirmed. Either would be great candidates

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Guys i just saw a news article…
i dont know if its relevent…
but it says october takes slakoth and november cyndaquil!!!
Do we have any confirmation here??
it is quite confusing :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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That is just a prediction.


I’m sure it will be as good as Dratini and Larvitar


Do you even see the pattern:
Not starter
Like that


anyways lets wait to find out!!!:blush:

I want it to be Magic Karp :joy:

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well i too,since i havent got a single shiny :disappointed_relieved:


Yes me too! and to think, you need an enormous 400 :candy: just to evolve it to Gyarados if you are lucky enough to get a good stat or a shiny one.

but the funny thing is…
i have farmed over 1600 candies🤐
evolved two karps… and still have 888 candies…
i have a bad luck on these shiny fishes😔

Been there… You will find one one day. I had seen more than 1000 Magikarps until I finally found my first one. And only about three weeks later I got my second one. Luck is a very strage thing, it keeps you waiting and waiting and then it comes in a big wave.

About Beldum as CD Pokémon… I’d be happy if it was true. To me Beldum is rarer than Dratini or Larvitar (I do have a Metagross though, I hatched some) and you know… I love shinies anyway :star_struck:
Unfortunately, I evolved my 98% IV Metang…

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I just found one but let’s stay on topic


It would be a dream. Steel types are my favorite, so I use my Metagross whenever I can. Yeah, he sucks, but he’s on my top 10! And so is Lucario, so I’ll be using that 2.4k CP, [email protected] ATK first roll on my Fighting team! #SteelTypesMatter

Seeing Metagross get a decent moveset would make me pass out. I got a 100% Metang waiting for it. Do I need to mention it’s shiny form?

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And Mega…

Lucario doesnt have the worst attack though.


I’m happy for a good looking shiny and a proper move, but i still would’ve preferred gastly over Beldum. Personally i think Beldum for December would be best


You might get a shot at shiny gastly if they do any Halloween event this year and if they release shiny gastly