Beat cliff

Hi guys
Can anyone help me please- I need to beat cliff as the last leader to complete the HOHO quest, but despite beating him easily a few days ago, I now can barely get past his starting areodactyl, I’ve tried a variety of Pokemon that should be strong against aero but nothing so far has worked for me- any advice would be appreciated, thanks

This should help:

I personally recommend using a good melkers for the aerodactyl

I always use my Swampert Club. So far there hasn’t been anything they haven’t managed to defeat.

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Kyogre, Giratina Origin, and Machamp

My recent wins against Cliff have used a level 40 Swampert with Mud Slap / Muddy Water. Fastest charge attack to help burn both of Cliff’s shields early. And make sure you do the start-and-switch trick, to give you a couple of seconds of free attack before he starts attacking back.

And a throw-away first fight can get recon on his full team, to let you choose the best counters for each.

Sierra and Arlo were easy peasy for me to beat this time. It was Cliff who gave me fits. Good luck to you!

The hardest lineup that Cliff has is Rock Throw Aerodactyl, Charm Gallade, and Iron Tail Tyranitar.

Those high damage fast moves hit really hard.

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Up to now I think I have tried to beat him about ten times… and allways I fall down the cliff :disappointed_relieved:

TTar, Machamp, and Metagross.

Ok, if he comes up, I will give it another try, thanks…

I use three Swampert for Cliff. As well as for Sierra and Arlo.


3 Swampert all with Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon?

i’m at the quest for level 50 atm and need to do 3 leaders with 2500 cp pokemon or less.
Collection challenge rewarded 3 radars. First balloon: Cliff. YOLO’d with < 2500 cp Melmetal, Lucario and a Raikou of all things.
Lucario and Melmetal are super strong in Rocket stuff, as they counter a lot but mostly because they have super fast charge moves. And every charge move means the opponent is stunned for ~2 seconds.
Small tip: Don’t start with your main counter, but some other thing from your lineup. Attack once, switch to your main lead, BAM, first stun, it really helps.

Also, that Raikou was a really bad pick, don’t follow that :slight_smile: I still won though.

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My team against Cliff: Smack Down / Rock Wrecker Rhyperior, Bullet Punch / Meteor Mash Metagross, Counter / Dynamic Punch Machamp


I always have my Machamp in for Cliff.

Last time I beat him I used my 2800+ CP Glaceon (Frost Breath/Avalanche), 2500+ CP Roserade (Bullet Seed/Weather Ball (Fire), and 2500+ CP Machamp (Counter/Payback) (forgot exact CPs). However, when he had Omanyte I used my flawless 2000+ CP as the starting Pokemon and wasted his shields away with sludge bombs. For some reason I always get him with Aerodactyl/Gallade or Cradlily/then Tyranitar so I’m not sure about how this would work for his other Pokemon.
With Glaceon, I use Avalanche ASAP to get those shields down early or maybe switch to Roserade if Aerodactly has one of its rock moves as a fast move. That thing is scary.

Glaceon/Roserade/Machamp was trial and error with a lot of frusturation (no pun intended). But it’s worked for me, as a bunch of my other counters for Go Rocket don’t stack up the same.

Edit: Me reading the article and realizing how many great counters I have if they were at a good CP.