Battles won with Pokemon

When battling a gym, the new update displays on screen how many battles your Pokemon has won before you begin a battle and also how many battle wins the Pokemon you are about to battle against has won. I thoroughly enjoy this new feature recently implemented. It allows me to see how many battles some of my best prestige Mon’s have won. It allows me to see how heavily I relied on my Sparky/Magneton to beat the often 3 Gyarados’ stacked in a gym. It lets me evaluate which Pokemon my rivals favor to take into battle or which Pokemon my rivals recently evolved. It has shown me that I’ve relied on my Machamp more than 900 times to probably take down a Blissy or Snorlax. What have you trainers discovered about your Pokemon in respect to this new feature?

I was amazed at the number of battles it says they won I mean some are over a thousand and I know I used them a lot but not that much !!

I noticed that my favorite Gyarados that I like to use to take down gyms has won over 3000 battles.

Yeah, my strongest pair of Jolteons had 1,400+ wins each fighting gyms stacked Vaperons and Gyrados.

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My core of Dragonite and Gyarados, both of which powered me into and through the gym game for the past ~8 months have approximately 3500 wins under their belts. Lots of other mons are in the mid-high hundreds.

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