Battle Time Tower

Battle Tower

-Post your end/beginning of the day total time defended.
-Post name of Pokemon and time defended
-Tally up

  • Vs other trainers
  • 6 Party limit

If this works out we can have Daily/Weekly/Montly time tournaments

Example: At the moment i have 6 pokemon that have been in gyms most of the day:

Blissy - 5 hours
tyranitar 1 -5 hours 17 minutes
tyranitar 2 - 5 hours 28
tyranitar 3 - 6 hours
slaking - 6 hours 2 mins
metagross - 18 hours 22 minutes

Total battle defender time : 46 hours 9 minutes

Then someone else will post their defenders, highest time wins.

max party will be 6 so choose your best 6 times to make it less difficult. Hopefully longer this goes easier it will get.

Would ask for photos, but the back and forth between app and here can be laggy/crash if you can post times even better.

As this progress, rules may change.

For reference of my party:


Excel sheet for Battle Tower!3062&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AE9atoC4nzjM30c


Interesting. I’m curious to see how this goes.

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I still got 15 gyms right now. But that looks like a lot of work.

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Saddly it is. I understand going back and forth is alot of lag.

Any participants will be gladly welcomed.

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Takes to much time checking and updating. That’s time I need to spend bag and collection cleaning.

Easy to check the one I know is my Best.

I’ve had a Weedle defending a gym for over 26 hours right now.

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Must be a @Jormdeweedle. No other weedle would live that long.

The funny thing is, that gym is at a busy restaurant and never held it for more than a few hours. One of the main reasons I don’t have a gold badge there yet.

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My Weedle got knocked out, but I got my gold gym badge!

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Thank the frogs, you must.