Battle Showdown!

Shame PUP is trash


@bagguille looks like Hulk is in the game now!


That also confirms there wont be a Machop CD :frowning:

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Yeessss, I was waiting for him, and at the end Niantic has heard my crying :japanese_ogre::heart_eyes::japanese_ogre:


I really had hoped for a CD or a raid day etc. for Machop/Machamp… But it is what it is… An event with new shinies and double stardust. Let’s get the best out of it… :grinning:
But Machop alone would have been enough, no need for shiny Mankey…

Man. Power Up Punch seems kinda awful. I was really waiting for that one too.

Shiny Mankey is yet another shiny that isn’t all that different from the original.

‚Ķ and what is their obsession with the ‚Äúsickly green‚ÄĚ color! lol

But there’s really no move that could jack Machamp up

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It shines best in PvP, where it guarantees a boost in Attack. Medicham is already terrifying in Great League, and with this move, paired with Dynamic Punch as a secondary move? Yikes.

Ice Punch is a better secondary, but yeah
Sadly, GL Medicham is really the only use, other fighting types are too frail and too weak to threats in Ultra League like Lugia or Giratina