Battle re-balance and news

The king is dead, long live the king!

Wich one(s)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im just happy my Kyogre team is back on top again. No more krabs who might be better in certain situations. Just magnificent blue and pink Kings of the sea.

Kyogre still loses out on DPS but only by a small fraction
No, Im talking about Machamp finally losing its champion belt after 3 years

If i check the GOHUB database it says Kyogre 16,32 DPS, Kinger 16,30. That is as good as nothing, but im still happy its Kyogre on top :slight_smile:

GamePress’ DPS/TDO spreadsheet places them like 0.5HP away

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Too busy right now to even read, much less absorb and put to use.

Apparently it’ll take some time for PokeGenie to catch up; because it doesn’t show Surf as a Kyogre move yet.

But that’s already more time than I can afford to put to this today.

Kyogre is now very close behind Kingler in DPS and crushed it in TDO
Heatran got a bit better but its still outclassed
Gengar no longer requires a legacy fast move to be good, although its still outclassed by Tina, Chandelure and Darkrai

And last but certainly not the least, Lucario got a new move and became the best fighting-type in the game on DPS, ranking as the 6th highest neutral DPS overall behind Mewtwo, B/W Kyurem, Deoxys-A and Rayquaza


Lucario with Aura Sphere, ground type with Mud Shot and Earthquake, Kyogre with Surf, Gengar with Shadow Claw are becoming better version of itself. Now more and more Pokémon are having 4 charge moves, really need the charge TM rework

I wouldn’t call Gengar outclassed, cause he still kicks their butts on the DPS-side. Which still makes it the best Pokémon to start with for me, followed by the more solid Tina, Darkrai and Chandelure.

Actually Mud Slap got buffed, not Mud Shot. Thanks to the Mud Slap buff Excadrill remains ahead of Groudon in Ground Type DPS, because Earthquake now outclasses Drill Run.

In scenario where Gengar doesnt get one-shotted by the first Charge move, and the DPS advantage is still just 0.5HP above Chandelure while offering a bit less TDO

That’s why Gengar only works as a first pick in my opinion. Then I actually can get him always fire of 2 Shadow Ball, or more. A team full of Gengar (because highest DPS) is because of this no option for me.

Just so others know what was I talking about

You can see that even Lure beats it in some cases (hence the less maximum health remaining)

I just noticed something…
Porygon-Z is going to get Lock-on - and it seems it will be the only mon having damage 2 instead of 1 for this move.
According to gohub db it will become 6th best normal pokemon when combined with Hyper Beam.
But when combined with Return???
It will be a machine-gun similar to Lucario :slight_smile:

(cannot wait to test my purified hundo :smile: )

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probably just a typo
And it’s DPS is just under Giratina-O, in PvE at least, not sure about PvP

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