Battle parties gone - now saved on account?

Hi everyone,
I haven’t found anything about this (maybe, I just can’t read…)

I downloaded the APK after reading the APK mine (mainly because the old loading screen annoyed me) and I found my battle parties deleted and the battle party tab having some kind of sections (currently only “Gyms & Raids” available) It’s not a big deal rebuilding the 2 or 3 parties I had, but… with the old parties being deleted - does that mean, battle parties are finally saved to the account instead of the device now?

And yes, I also think they should have migrated the old parties to the “new system”… But being a software developer myself I also know that sometimes things just don’t work out as intended…

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Battle parties are saved on your phone. Not on your account. Has it got anything to do with that?

I know that they have been saved on the phone all the time. I just thought maybe they finally changed that with the changes that were made to the tab for PvP…

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Still your phone

New loading screen?