Battle Mechanics: dodging

Dodging. The only defensive move trainers have.

Should dodging have a revamp?

As it stands. Dodging still recieves damage.

Should there be 2 types of dodge.

A soft dodge, where you timed it off but it still dodged and takes dmg.

A perfect dodge, where you timed it perfectly. Taking 0 damage.

  • Yes to soft and perfect dodge
  • No
  • Undecided i rather never dodge and die!

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I like the idea, but with different quality phones and server lag i don’t think it’s a realistic option to have a prefect dodge, it would become a lucky timing situation and not skill based.

Also, the sole reason damage when dodging exist is to prevent dodge-abuse.

Still like the idea. So i’ll vote yes, but i do have some doubts.


Either dodge or get hit. Majority already dont want to dodge.

But i do understand wym. Like what you said “lag” would stop them from always perfecting.

I was just starting to dislike the fact you can dodge, and take dmg that can ko.

I technically “dodged” and they “missed” that where i came up the with the idea that if you “perfect dodge” you take none at all.

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Certain moves will definitely be soft dodge only.

such as, earthquake, surf. Area damaging moves.