Battle against Cheaters

Hello all got one question here.

My city is nor small or large, big enough to have a bit of gyms. Most of them were choked with 36-40lvl trainers that I never seen with my eyes.
Now, that I know that Raids at the beginning will be > 34lvl proof, am in a bit of despair.

So here I am, 34lvl now, asking for the fastest method to level up to 35lvl.
I know that I won`t beat them single handed but I will try to catch with the fight.
Please, please help me and lend me Your knowledge :confused:

Ps. Lucky Egg + walking to hatch eggs + evolving? And when no Pkmn to evolve just catch`em all?
Ps2. Got few L.Eggs stored, should be enough for few hours

i think the way to get the most out of a lucky egg is to save up a bunch of pokemon to evolve (you should probably have 80 or so ready to go per lucky egg). Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie all only take 12 candies with pidgey and weedle being very common and caterpie somewhat common. Ratatta, marill, sentret and ledyba all only take 25 and are pretty common.

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That system can get you over 100K in a session. If you are trying to power level I would do that plus catch everything you can.

There is no way to stop cheaters as a legitimate player. We just have to hope that Niantic can catch them with the new Gym System. They put a cap at 20 gyms that someone can join. No way in hell that a legitimate player can maintain that with the new berry feeding mechanism. Let’s see over the next few weeks that Niantic catches the spoofers and bans them from the game.