Battery Life in pokemon Go

Is pokemon go killing your phone? It takes atleast 40% my battery. I am forever charging and searching for hotspots.

Tell some stories of times your phone died or was near death.

I remember during an Exraid i kept drifting from the ex location due to low battery and poor signal, ended up missing out on the Mewtwo. :frowning: i did get free raid passes tho for my drift.

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Yes Pokemon Go drains my battery. On my old phone it used to burn the battery down to 0 in half an hour. On my current phone it’s more like in about 4 hours.

Battery life has never been great on the iPhone 6s but since the last update it seems to be going down a lot quicker and I have to put it on battery sooner.

All they give you is raid passes, when it was 100% there fault? Lol how stupid

My phone usually last about 7 hours but it’s a newer Galaxy J-3 Luna Pro

Gym lobby’s and raid lobby’s are really laggy it’s unbearable

I use my iPhone 6 as the secondary phone & it lags uncontrollably. Apple have admitted to slowing the processing down on the older phones once the new phones are released.
iPhone 7 is normally fine though, just overheats when I’m hotspotting the 6.

It takes alot of battery, that’s for sure :sweat_smile:

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Apple is being stupid. Slowing down phones just to get people to get the new ones


Ya, my sister’s phone will become bricked soon

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We have like three gyms in our town where iPhones won’t work

What i noticed is that the game on Android became heavier since the last few updates, on average it usage 100mA more then before. (I have an app to monitor power usage)

I notice especially when I give coverage by Hotspot to another phone and Bluetooth for the GO+. Then my phone nearly explodes because of the heat produced, and the additional battery of 20.000 drowns really rapid.

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WiFi-chips are energy suckers.

Yeah, but my friend has used all his data, and as a good friend I have to help…


From what I’ve seen phones that are tethered together seems to work better my brother’s wife uses her hotspot for there’s son to play with walking and when we do raise he never seems to have trouble even though she does sometimes

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Oh yeah, definitely. Although I do carry a battery pack anyway and if it’s not cold, it’s okay to play PoGo without it.
I can do long walks as long as the battery is fully charged before I go out and by the time I come back home, I still have about 30-40% left hah.

I’m just dreading the winter months when we go out for raids in the -20C weather :sweat_smile:


Not only battery drain, also phone heating up.

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Don’t have that problem with this phone.

i have 6 battery packs, i go throu atleast 4 a day.

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