Batle system rework suggested by Trainer Tips

yesterday Nick (Trainer Tips) uploaded a video about the gen 3 code found in the 0.71.0 APK and he brought up one interesting idea:
before gen 3 will be released there should be a "battle system rework"
the rework should introduce Pokemon abilities and status effects to the game which were originally introduced in the gen 3 core series games
these changes are very needed for the game before Pokemon like Slaking Shedinja Castform etc. can be added to Pokemon GO
what do you think about this?
here is the link to Nick’s video in case you haven’t seen if and you’re curious what he has to say about it


That would make the game too complicated for Niantic’s casual-player focused battle system.

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I most definitely 20000000000000000% agree with the video (Trainer Tips).

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Noooo this is not a main series game. Sun, moon and all others are games themeself. Pokemon Go it’s another game with other rules. I hope that they will not make pokemon go same main series game

I Niantic doesn’t change POGO to something similar to the Cartoon then it will stay very very very very boring. However, now there is this game called Ingress if POGO combined Ingress ideas with that of POGO and also keep Core Elements from the Cartoon then that would make it unique enough so that way it wasn’t exactly like the Cartoon/Handheld.