Basic law about Pokemon: Encounter Pokemon before capturing them

Whatever in Pokemon anime and main series of Pokemon game, trainers are required to capture Pokemon by encountering them. However in Pokemon GO, we only need to throw a curve ball in perfect timing (Maybe using berries). Wouldn’t it be too simple? This feature must be added into Pokemon GO!

Furthermore, when a Pokemon get into specific condition ‘rest or sleep’ during the encounter, they won’t go away. (In the main series of Pokemon game)


Pokémon Go is built with simple mechanics to make it appeal to the masses. Hardcore players like it because it brings a favorite game to the real world. Casual players like it because it is simple and the whole family can do it together.

While it might be fun occasionally fun to battle a wild Pokémon to capture it, I don’t think we will will see it in this game.


The game would be crap if you had to battle the throw away Star Dust grinding Pokemon you came across, the Raids cover this aspect fine.


It’s better for Go to remain distant from the main series games. If Go was just a watered down version of a 3DS game, why bother?


Encounter Pokemon shares a similar machanic as PvP.

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I would personally be upset if I had to invest revives and/or potions in addition to berries and pokeballs for every Pokémon I tried to catch.

Might be fun on a limited basis say final evolutions of Pokémon like dragonite or Blissey but I would not it being enjoy widespread.

I am also confident this won’t happen as it goes completely against Niantic wanting you to explore the world. It would require you be even more buried into your phone than you currently are so I don’t see them having much interest.


Uhh…then release PvP first. The winner of an 1 vs 1 battle can earn additional stardust, rare candies, TMs, berries, potions, revives and exp. Then the encounter Pokemon system release after PvP and at that time people trainers may have already gained enough amount of potions and revives.

Maybe they could also introduced a Pokemon Center-liked feature.

I don’t think encountering Pokemon violates Niantic’s law. We can still explore the world with this system. Do you remember the ones who called for breeding? This is a great opportunity for them too.

Last but not least, for people who think of adding all the features, limitations and systems from the main series of Pokemon game into Pokemon GO , it will be a ‘must add’ to them.


I’d just rather Niantic forget adding more and extra things such as PvP, Trading, Quests and what ever other dream up and spend more time on making the game more stable and less buggy.

Too many extras = more bugs/errors which is by far the biggest pain in playing the game from the start and still now.
Rotating Gym Raid options and releasing new Generations is enough work for them to do while the make the game more stable.


@NotanotherKangaskhan and @Thorend you’re right in some point but Pokemon GO is still in the beginning. After introducing ‘Trading, PvP, more gens and legendaries’, they have got nothing to do with.

After all, Pokemon GO will come to its dead end. (Too few players)

A successful and sustainable game company should always introduce new things into the game.

I’m not hoping that Pokemon GO only last as short as only a popular craze.


Do you honestly think PvP, trading, and new Pokemon are the only things left to be added? The former two are no where near ready to release IMO. PvP would be horrid with the current battle system, and trading would further encourage multiple accounts, not to mention people would be making cash off of scanners - there’s way too much that needs fixing and refining before these can come to light. Raiding especially is still in need of perfecting.

Niantic has been introducing new features all summer and has been increasing their pace. EX raid testing is next week, and we have no idea what else is in store for us before the end of the year. I’m certain that there will be a plethora of new features and activities within the next year that the community hasn’t even considered.


I hope Niantic will introduce new features and systems(may include features and systems on my list) in 2018. Are we being overoptimistic @ElectroBlade?

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No, that’s to be expected. A year is a long time, after all.

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My speculation on the release order would be:

  1. PvP
  2. Gen3
  3. Abilities
  4. Harder version of capturing Pokemon
  5. Expended evolution feature and limitations
  6. Villian teams
  7. Weather conditions
  8. Gen4
  9. Shinies
  10. Tournaments
  11. Quests
  12. Gen5
  13. Trading
  14. Breeding
  15. Gen6
  16. Mega Evolution
  17. Gen7
  18. Z-moves
    Legendary Pokemon will be in separate situation.
    This may be a 5 year plan for Niantic.

Also remember, they said Pokémon Go wouldn’t ever be to similar to the main series games. It going to have differences that conflict with main series on purpose. This could mean some things like mega evolution, breeding, other things like that may not make an appearance to POGO because that is reserved for main series but that works both ways there may be some features or stuff in POGO not available in main series such as some of the special event hatted Pikachu in all of its evolution’s so that there are different, interesting or positive things about playing on this platform vs the other and not just a copy of the main series available on mobile devices, it can stand alone by it self.