Banned for using the GO-tcha?

Hey guys. I noticed today that my local GameStop is selling the infamous GO-tchas, the off brand “Pokemon Go Plus” version.
It seems so cool and can recharge and automatically catch pokemon and spin stops for you without the use of a button.
But here’s my question. Will you get banned for using it?
I know its a little more expensive than the Go Plus but, given that the Plus is being very laggy for those with the iOS update and no idea when the problem would be fixed, is it worth it to try and use a GO-tcha?
Let me know guys!

As far as I can tell it is highly unlikely to be banned for using the GO-tcha - I haven’t heard of anyone being banned for it so far - since it is recognized by the game as a normal GO Plus.

HOWEVER: This might of course change in the future. Niantic might be working on some ban, that just makes the GO-tcha stop working entirely - who knows.
And more importantly: The GO-tcha (in the cases I’ve witnessed) does not change the connectivity issues, because, again, it works similarly to the GO Plus.

So if you want to try out the GO-tcha for the benefit of not having to press the button etc. - which admittedly is pretty cool - go for it! But don’t expect it to fix your connectivity issues and always keep in mind, that it is not official merchandise, so there always is a possibilty that the official sources will do something about it.


Ich habe ein pokemon go plus da passiert nix denke auch bei der Go-tcha das nix passiert

oh okay. Thanks for the helpful info! I Honestly might just get it for shits and giggles, but of course when I have money to spare.

Sprichst du Englisch? Ich spreche kein deutsch

I have a go plus =no ban i think thats the thame well
No bann go-tcha