Bagon on nearby

On the nearby of my brother’s iPad there was a bagon and he did not have one. On my phone the bagon was not on nearby and I have one. Is this connected to the new update and new Pokémon appear on the top of the nearby?

Just luck.

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I had one pop up on my way to work this morning and never seen them in town before

The bagon was the very first Pokémon on the nearby and was farther away than the other Pokémon on the nearby. It was not a Pokémon that could not be seen due to too many Pokémon at one pokestop.

it happened to me and my daughter last week on sunday hse had bedlum nearby and i had nothing, on the map bedlum was very far away.

Do you have a beldum, but your daughter doesn’t have one? Btw this thing happened again with a corphish

she caught it it never showed up for me. We both hatched one later that day too.

My son caught a murkrow and it was shiny and then I caught it and it was a mr mime.

That’s impossible. You probably tapped a Mr. Mime and not the Murkrow.

But don’t lose hope: Every Murkrow can be a shiny and if it is a shiny to your son, it’s extremely possible that yours isn’t a shiny.

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Its an update

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