Availability of TMs (Updated)

Wanted to post this to see what other people think.

I’m a solo player of Pokemon Go, in a rural area of Dublin, Ireland. Since TMs have been introduced, I’ve gotten one… Just one. This was by chance from a level 2 raid. I really want to do more raids, attempt to solo raid some level 3s, but with the lack of TMs, building a good squad is extremely difficult. I’ve managed to get two good IV Alakazams with good movesets, but evolved another yesterday and got a bad moveset.

The struggle I’m in is that I need to do higher level raids to have a better chance at getting TMs, but can’t do the higher raids without TMs to improve my team. It’s an endless struggle!

What do you guys think? Should they be more common? Should there be a way of getting them from Pokestops (as a very rare drop)?

Personally, I think making them more common in lower level raids, and having the same drop rate as evolution items from Pokestops would be huge bonus. Or even give you one on your 7 day streak possibly?

Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

UPDATE: Found an interesting Reddit thread that outlines drop rates from Level 3 raids

This gives me a bit of hope once I can get a decent team for solo raids

You may have already said but what Trainer level are you?

Closing in on level 35 (about 300k XP away from it)

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I totally understand your rural troubles with this. I don’t have those troubles myself but i can understand it at least.
For me, as a non-rural player with a very good community to play with, my obvious answer is:it is fine the way it is. The be honest even, i got way too many and am tossing them away sometimes (at 57 x fast and 52 charged right now). I wouldn’t mind a slight nerf even. I got my teams setup and only with new good mons i’ll need them, which won’t be often.
So sorry, but you’ll not get much help from me. I do hope they fix rural problems somehow.

I think there just needs to be more balance in it. If more people are in your position, a simple solution would be spread that out towards the rural areas, and reduce the amount in urban areas. I assume that’s much easier said than done, but you get what I mean? If there’s players with two much of one thing, and players with not enough, spread it around and figure out a system

to further explain. I don’t live in a city where TTars spawns and stuff. honestly, our spawns are just crap, all day every day. Small city with ‘only’ 30 gyms but a very active community. that last part is what’s keeping me playing. It’s also the sole reason i got all the stuff i have, good mons, raids, gymming, all items etc…

Yeah well that’s the same for me. I can go into the city where there are plenty of gyms, but no one is raiding. I have to just hope that if you starts near me that a group happen to be out, but I’m yet to see it…