Articuno counters. Golem or Tyranitar?

I have a question, what is better to use, a 3 1500-1800 ttar or 2 2300 and 1 2500 golem against Articuno?

Depends on the Movesets. If, they both had the supreme Movesets that they needed to take down Uno, it would be better to use Ttar. However, if ttar has horrible attack then use Golem.

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All ttars are above 82% and have good attack and smack down stone edge

My squad of TTars are ready.

Use Ttars first, then golems in the same squad. Good luck!!

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I also have a 2939, and 2 2000 cp well.

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Are you doing the USA time zone like me?

I have 6 maxed out 100% L40 Rock Throw Stone Edge Golems on my account.
The Wife and kids accounts have a couple of Smack Down Stone Edge Ttar in the 78-91% IV range powered up to L40. They also have some 100% Golems powered to L35.
Leading with the Ttars On theirs I used more of my Golems than they did of their Ttars.

Ttar is far superior so lead with those.

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I barely needed to use the last 3, used them twice. I really only used my first 2

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I used my Tyranitar squad each time. Never got past 2nd.

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yep im in the usa timezone

So how was your event? from 1-10.

hmm 5, wheres my shiny articuno

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Did you read my story on the one raid I was able to do with other players?


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Well I was looking for players to do a raid with and with 2 minutes left I was in an articuno with 5 other players, we were going to win when the game made it so I was the only one battling it… Left raid and event was over.

yea that sucks. I was in a raid group. and a few people in my group couldnt even get to the catch screen, it froze at the amount of balls, and then they had to refresh and the articuno was gone. I caught it tho :slight_smile:

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I didnt even get the rewards… and I lost all of my pokemon…

every pokemon? You lost every single pokemon?

well if its true you should email niantic. if they did that there high