Article - Top 3 Missing Things at Pokémon GO Fest 2018

This was true for the most part. The lack of gyms was a letdown. In my opinion there was sufficient spawn diversity that it was hard to get bored. The bigger problem was the food truck lines and the fact they ran out of food (not Niantic’s fault). The center of the park was lacking in stops as it was impossible to stay there for an extended period of time.

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You cant call that a lack of poketops

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In the center of the park there was an entire biome with onky 4 stops. With the amount of spawns it was not stay there. Anywhere else at the festival there were dozens of stops within a 200 ever radius.

Am i the only one who thinks no gyms/raids was a good thing?

Sure it meant there was a little less to do and the idea of bringing home a legendary caught at go fest is insane, but it was for the better.

I went to the safari event at Amstelveen last year. There were multiple gyms in the park there and around noon the gym in the center had a legendary raid on it. Everyone in the park (really everyone!) went to that gym. We instantly created a deadzone in that area where connection issues arose.
Now imagine that at go fest, or in Dortmund.

Speaking of Dortmund: I also went to Dortmund 2 weeks ago. Having no gyms there meant i could focus on the event and enjoy it even more. Just catch, walk and socialize all day. No need for gymming or raiding and no connection issues (i went on sunday). I loved it

And sure, people in chicago and dortmund who weren’t in the park got to gym/raid, but we get to do that every day.
Enjoying the event > gyms :smile:
No connection issues > gyms :smile: :wink:

I might be the only one but i think no gyms/raids at go fest/dortmund was a good thing.
If there was 1 thing missing i’d say it was merchandise. Not even 1 shop with stuff to buy. Imagine the amount of money they could have made just by selling team t-shirts…

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Those are great points. If there were 9-12 gyms spread out across the park (nearly 3 KM) long, I think It would have been perfect. Make it so each raid had a timer set for the extent of the event and the locations were Spread out enough to prevent dead zones t would work. It would give enough raids available to add to the event without destroying social aspects.

But you still have many gyms and I don’t. Ironic, right?

What does that have to do with the thread?

Because he is saying that he doesn’t want gyms and raids anymore and he has them and I do not have them but I still want them

What was your favorite part of the event?

I enjoyed everything. The comradely was the best part of the trip, I attended with a group of friends and that made the trip.

A close second but shiny hunting and chasing Unown. The Celebi quest chain was added fk the action, Celebi is my 70,000 catch so it was exciting for me leading up to it. There were amazing spawns too, I got a handful amazing Pokémon from eggs, quests and catches.

How big are these “biomes”

i said i didn’t want raids at Go fest / safari event. Slight difference. At home i want to do every level 5 raid i can. Sadly RL comes in between :wink:

Tge biomes were probably 300-400 meters long.

Then 3 stops is pretty much for a biome

Keep in mind this is a special event, Niantic added temporary stops throughout the event. If it was a normal day without spawns increased that would be a fair statement but with the spawns boosted and the fact that ALL other biomes and parts of the park had dozens of stops it was obvious to people who were there that area was lacking.

The complaint the article is addressing is why Niantic chose not to put temporary stops in that area for GoFest.


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