Article - The Regi trio is killing the Pokémon GO raiding scene

I agree with the article

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Me too

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I did 13 Regice Raids.
I’ve only done 3 Registeel Raids and I’m not intending to do any more.
The reason I’ve done more Regice is that I had a heap of Raid Passes still from the boxes that were great value a few months back and I stocked up. That stock has run down and and none of the Boxes that followed that one have been of any value so I have no Passes to use doing Raids for Pokemon that are of no use or don’t help me in the game. 1-2 for collection is enough while I save all those coins in hope of Gift Boxes again that give me discounted Raid Passes.
The next Regi will see me only do 1-3 of that one as well.

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There attack stat might be low but its still a legendary
And imo the time raid bosses are here is very los
Raid bosses should be there for 2 months

2 months of this shitty regi trio? so 6 months all together? No thank you

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Half a year of only this weak garbage?
And legendary status doesnt make a Pokemon good in any way

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They shouldn’t even be a Tier 5 boss. I rather see them in the Breakthrough Box, as well as the shiny variant, and I’m happy.
In raids we could see Groudon+shiny/Rayquaza+shiny/Gen 4 Legendaries.

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True. Should be 2 weeks each max. Or a month of all of them.

I’ve only done 2 Registeel raids so far. I plan to do a couple more before he ends, but I have no desire to have more than 3.

@KingQ07 as you think the Regis should be around for such a long time out of interest how many Regi Raids are you doing a week/month?

He did 4-5 I think. I am kinda excited, because after regirock gen 4 will come, most likely.

1 in 2 months is like highest i can get sometimes

Unfortunately, yes… this is true… People just don’t raid a lot now. The first week of Regice and Registeel you could find people to do the raids (to get the Pokédex entry and maybe 2 or 3 spare). That’s it. My fiance liked to do the legendary raids for XP (he’s currently Level 39 but only progressing slowly now), but dropping Lucky Eggs is only worth it if you can get at least 2 or 3 raids in, and people just wouldn’t do them.
The Regis are just not an incentive with the current system… Maybe they should do double raid XP to raise the interest a bit… or other additional rewards… or do something to make the Regis useful…

I NEED Shiny Rayquaza
It is so cool

I want to raid
I just cant

I wish I could help you… raids really need some kind of solo option, or a way to adapt raid difficulty to number of players in the lobby. I’m sure they could find a way to implement this without making it easily exploitable.

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I like this legends because we can focus on other raids and stuff…
People who are expecting Gen4 legends calm down because none in the apk is pointing to this for now…
I remembered last year at this time the Gen3 names appeared in the game and we waited 4 months…
So calm down

If someone could tell me what the legendary raid bosses were in November that would be awesome. I want to make a topic :grin: