Article - Player Safety: Giving Gifts and Your Location in Pokémon GO


Yep, probably the dumbest idea Niantic have ever had lol


I must admit, I didn’t even notice, that this is possible now.
But I liked the fact that they now added the name of the city to the postcard… the location on the map is probably a bit too much, that’s right.

Well meant but I think that article about “player safety” today is absolute nonsense. You choose your own friends in Go by exchanging codes face to face with the other player and can delete them if you want to, right. So I don’t see any safety issues unless you choose to have some really bad friends in Go. Of course I know you can also post your code on the internet (and regret by making a new code), but then you have actively chosen yourself to be a public player. So I don’t really see any point in the article except from absolute paranoia mania. I don’t blame anyone who is paranoid, but you don’t have to pass it on necessarily to the whole world just because you can as a writer on this site. Keep playing with your friends and take it easyl

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Like the article said: it was already possible to search the stop on different websites. If someone has the intent of harming others via this way, accesibility wont have much to do with it.

I think its funny tough. It almost forces you to consider who you would want as friends in your game… Almost like in real life, where you dont just go adding everyone on facebook who sents you an invite… oh wait…

Oh and this:

Let us know what you think about all this in the comments section down below, along with suggestions of other ways to make gift giving safe. As always, be safe trainers!

Its hard to comment when you keep turning them off.

Honestly didn’t need this. Niantic back at it again updating stuff we don’t care for or need. Fire that tech team lol

I feel interesting knowing where @Robdebobrob lives…

Hahaha, you are the only one on the forum who knows. I have faith you keep it that way :wink:

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Its from gifts but oh well… Am I your only Go Hub friend???

You are my only foreign friend. All the others i have are from my own city. and a few childhood friends :slight_smile:

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Nice to here that… would the other people on Go Hub in the Netherlands count as foreign?


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Cool. Ill send you gifts whenever I can. They are soooo rare now for me soo I could only send 2 yesterday, to people at a camp. I got 2 out of 49 stops spun.

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