Area Review: Santa Monica and The Santa Monica Pier

In this review I will say the pros and cons of the Santa Monica Area, and the Santa Monica Pier. These two places are located in California, USA, North America (Just Clearing that up :sweat_smile:).

Santa Monica
Some entertainment: You may see people singing and dancing

In the 2.5 miles radius there is 200 stops and 10 gyms.

Every raid has people so you don’t have to worry about that

Machop Land: Out of 200 pokemon caught yesterday, 100 were machop.

Many amazing restaurants, and many have pokestop or gyms you could access from them

It’s a beach with a awesome view of the Pier! :grin:

Cons: No cons really, just the fact that spawns are not amazing like the pier.

The Santa Monica Pier.

Every stop is lured by people

Rides Galore:
Rollercoaster, pirate ride, drop ride, and many others in a theme park called Pacific Park
This is the pier and the Ferris wheel:

Many fun games and prizes

AMAZING SPAWNS! Yesterday I caught Machamp, 2 Kirlia, Machoke, Nidoking , Lapras, And Many water types like Pelipper, Feebas, and Magikarp.

Great Entertainment: Lots of Singing, Dancing, Peopel dressed up in funny costumes singing and playing music:

This is our president :joy:.

Giant cluster spawn of about 20 good Pokemon at the end of pier:

It’s an one of a kind experience for anyone who comes here so I recommend it.

If you want to see a movie that shows it I have a reccomendation: Bean. It’s about this guy that travels from Europe to California and goes to the Santa Monica Pier. It’s the funniest movie I’ve ever seen even though it is old.


If you have any questions just ask me.

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Love SMP. Had a change to play there in 2016. The variety of spawns was amazing. Next time I’m on the coast I’ll definitely go back. Worth a detour for anyone in the general area.


That’s the insanely famous “at the end of the pier” cluster by Mystic7.


I love Santa Monica pier, as well as San Fransico and many of the UC campuses, great places to find lots of great Pokémon

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Awesome, you live in CA?

Yeah in the Sacramento area. But I go to the Bay every weekend


Whoa. You must be level 40 then, I assume? It depends…

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