Are you a Solo or Team Trainer

Are you a solo Trainer, or part of an actual Team or group.

I personally play as a Solo/Team player. I play by myself but i would drive my car while my gf catches all the pokemon. If the mon was to difficult for her i would slap the Ace Trainer finger flick.

Aside from my gf i played mostly with my cousin. Randomly meet friends here and there but they were never same team(wish you could pay to switch teams)

So i would say i’m more a Solo player but if the correct crowd comes ill team up and play a days worth of adventures. Other than that if your not a friend of mine before playing pokemonGo i don’t really interact. I’m kinda older than most trainers and it’s kinda awkward when your not a youtuber or someone known.

  • Solo Trainer
  • Team Trainer
  • Depends on the day
  • Sometimes Solo sometimes Team
  • Mainly solo but i can be a team player
  • I can’t get alone with anyone or my team
  • I am Ace Trainer i believe i can do it all
  • I play only with family
  • I play only with small circle of friends
  • I meet new friends and team
  • WAFU!!! take the city! My Team #1

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Only found two legendary raids with others at them… solo.

I just wait on a spot I know people come here for raids and that’s it. Thanks to that I got some nice legendaries.

This is a poll I like. Most polls have too little ‘answers’, and the right ‘answer’ isn’t in there. Congrats!:clap:t2:

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I play on my own everyday (Monday-Friday) on my journey to and from work but never play outside of work on my own. Whenever I play I always play with my girlfriend and occasionally a couple of our friends.

I prefer solo or playing with just my GF, but I do have a raid group and team group that I join up with/ a part of, when I don’t feel like playing solo

Going to and from work I’m solo but we have a very close & active raid community (several different ones actually) in both my local area where I live & a highly active raid community where I work so I normally get to do a minimum of 3-5 legendary raids per day unless I can’t get to them for some reason.