Are weather boosted spawns TOO good?

Walking around for not too long in weather boosted spawns will get you an excellent IV pokemon above level 30. I just caught a level 35 oddish that has very good IVs and I’m like ok, is this too much? Yesterday I caught an 84% Ralts on level 34. I also caught 2 gastlys that became my best Gengars in one night.

It’s exciting and makes it fun to catch old Pokémon, but eggs are nearly useless. Why power up something from an egg if I can just catch it in the weather? In addition, all my old Pokémon and evolutions may get replaced with these weather spawned ones.

Does anyone think this is making the game a little easy?

Underneath this Ralts/Slakoth mess is my home, it’s the greatest thing ever. Just sad that i’m not actually in London to enjoy it☹️


Totally agree- in the last couple of days, I’ve only been able to play for maybe 20 minutes. In that time, I got a 100IV venonaut, 3 koffings(which I had never seen in the wild before yesterday), and probably 20 gastly (including a 91IV)- not super rare, but they’re super common right now. I think they made the Gen 3 commons, but made the rarer Gen 1/2 more common.

Well, weather spawns aren’t changing too much my spawns, but they change for sure cp’s and iv’s
ok, i remember that on day one of gen 3 my nearby was filled out with ghasly’s, which wasn’t too good for me

I havent really felt that it messes upp things at all. A lot of high cp pokemon do show up. But usually they’re IV’s arent above 90 %. The best wild IV Pokemon I caught was a Ivysaur it was 95 % … 248 cp. So nah its just fun to use the weather for hunting. If you want a good Piloswine then get out and hunt in the snow. Its awesome.