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Are we allowed according eula play pokemon go and ingress

hi i was want to ask are we allowed according eula play pokemon go and ingress on same mail ?the reason i ask this becuase i want level there to add portal so they can add in my area pokestops and gyms. the reason i ask is becuase i want pokestop at my vicinity. i just want to clearify it that why i say it twice.

I do so guess so

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ty stridey i deeply appricate it, if anyone here also is 100 % sure please would appricate any respone.i try to look both at pokemon go eula and ingress but couldnt find anything they mention at each other or anything relate to both of them.(and they have very very very long eula to read took me over a hour to just try and search it in the lines)

They are 2 different games, so yes you can use the same email for both.
And pokemon GO encourages you to play Ingress because of the crappy way stops and gyms are added, so it would be weird if you needed 2 different emails for it.

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alright thanks for keep me assure @Robdebobrob, it great relif normaly a guy like me always like to stick to the law and when i am unsure i always in desperate need to seek an answer, so thank for restore peace to me that my tought aswell, i just makeing sure, again if anyone here also 100 % sure and you want to say it i will appricate it, the more i hear that say the same the better it is for my inner peace.i deeply appricate all the comments that arrived and about to come thank you all everyone your the best.

Do your area some good by playing that game and adding pokestops. I heard at lvl 10 can add stops. I don’t play the game or know of it tho.

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Apparently level 10 is like being level 40 in pogo

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soon i gona reach lvl 40, and then i gona level for 16 at ingress, aswell nothing is beyound reach if you have iron bulls to grind endlessly.and a private car driver like my mother :slight_smile: