Are there benefits to being on team Instinct?

As we all know team instinct had the lowest number of trainers in it. But does that mean we have no hope for! If you see the gums around you, you will probably see team valor or mystic gyms. But this is an opportunity for instinct players to battle and gain alot of experience and level up. So being on team instinct is not bad it is ok

Yes, you do get a lot of opportunities to battle gyms as an instinct trainer. Personally, I started over after getting to level 31 on instinct because my family and all my friends were on Mystic, and we could never do anything together. But if it’s just you, or if you have a close group of instinct trainers, it could be fun!

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I love being the underdog and still keeping our town mostly yellow. Adds excitement to the game!

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Being put at an intentional disadvantage by niantic means you have to be a better player than the people on stronger teams. Team mystic can derp their way through a raid battle with chansey and blissey and still get 10-11 balls. Meanwhile I do more damage and actually use strategy and am left with 6-7. I’ve made it to lvl 36 on instinct without putting a dime of actual money into the game, and I’m not starting over.

I would love an explanation as to why niantic thinks this current team meta is acceptable


same here. always 7-8 balls for me. no damage, gym control or team bonus. Sucks, especially when i’m travelling to get a regional legendary

This isn’t really released to raiding specifically. You can repost in general or lavender town.