Are Shiny Drowzee really real?

I must have caught 150 of them and not one Shiny. Is there an estimated 1 out of ??? is a shiny

Has anyone else caught a Shiny?

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I did.

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Hello Kevin
About how many did you catch before you got a Drowzee?


It can take upwards of find one. Be patient and keep trying :grinning:


Like shiny Lugia

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1 in 450 is normal shiny rate in PoGo.

you checked 150, which is nothing. You’re complaining a bit early, which makes me wonder: have you played during more events and gotten shinies faster? if so, what is your trainer level?

You got one?

I think that 1/256 might be accurate rate?

Hmm that’s a lot of catches but it would make sense. It could also have to do with your encounter rate prior to the event. That happend to me. I had only seen one kabuto before the rock event. Then I got a shiny kabuto. So idk

last shiny I got was during community day.
I actually got 2 that day.

My wife says I can be a bit impatient :smile: ill just keep on catching.

As for level I am half way through level 24. I played when the game came out but my work banned the app so I just started playing again with a new account and phone for about 2 months.


I can confirm shiny Drowzee is real. Several people do have it.

Community day shinies have a higher rate (1/20?) btw.

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I have encountered 200, no Shiny still.

Keep searching.
Already got over 200 and not 1 shiny.
A kid found one right besides the gym where i had just stopped… It was his first day playing on the event. :frowning:

chikorita was barely one out of 20…funny how my shiny rate for karp is like one out of 289 or something and the average is 450 lol

I’m @ 51 seen. This weekend I’m going on a hunt.

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1:20 for community day Shiny spawns.



And it is 150 for shiny drowzee I think

Wrong but thanks for playing.


Oh tought you were talking about what time it was, sorry if I offended you.

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