Arceus Raid Boss

Arceus is a Gen 4 Level 5 Raid boss (not out yet) with a Raid CP of 96784 and Max Capture cp of 2543(likely lvl 20 100IV)
Counters are Unknown
(I sorta made this when i was bored.)

96784cp? He will be impossible to beat without some special nerfing

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Arceus would be a unique case, as he‚Äôs insanely powerful (capable of learning some of the most powerful moves) and his unique ability to change type to suite who he‚Äôs battling. If abilities ever do get implemented, that would be the greatest challenge to raiders. Finally, I feel like Arceus should be 5000CP, considering how he‚Äôs portrayed as ‚Äėgod‚Äô in the Pok√©mon universe.

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Yea, but note that 90k cp is too much for raid boss. He would have to receive special raid nerf or something to make him actually beatable

Unless all our Pokémon get insane CP buffs (never going to happen), I agree that Arceus would need some special treatment. Hopefully it wouldn’t be as bad as Slaking’s nerf (yawn is the worst move ever).

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And then Pokemon’s greatest example of their logic: Catching Pokemon God with most basic pokeballs ever


2627 at level 20, 3284 in partly cloudy weather (assuming he wont get nerfed, which I hope he wont)
And a boss CP of 51 543 CP as a tier 5 boss, if a special, tier 6 with 20k HP was added, it would be 65 198
Counters would be based on the type

Groudon at 52k can be done with 4 people, 3 with the right weather conditions.
I would love to see a 96k raid boss. Finally a challange, but it will be easy with 20 max still.

I made my opinions on it before any nerfs would happen (before release)

Btw, i will make quite a few gen 3-5 legendary raid boss topics using my opinions