AR+ Orientation Issue


I’m new around here so if anything like this has been posted before I would love to be redirected! I couldn’t find anything in search so here goes.

When I use AR+ on my 6S running iOS 11.3.1 I can first encounter the Pokemon fine. But when its there I am unable to move away or closer, nor can I move left to right to see around the pokemon’s sides! I want to take a cool picture with Mew and have been saving the encounter until I can find a fix!

Many thanks in advance!

You’re doing better than me…I can’t even get the Pokémon to pop up on AR+

Stopped even trying a while ago

Mew cant be done in AR+
Only in normal AR

Wow I didn’t know Mew ws only in standard AR! Still a bit annouing that it doesn’t work properly, or at all for some. Can’t seem to find any fixes anywhere either. Tried the obvious resetting and reinstalling but nothing

Btw AR+ is only on iPhone 7 and aboveboard I have 6s has no AR+and brother had 7 and has AR+. Everyone has Ar where can not walk closer not ar plus only iPhone 7 above

It should be on 6s too. I know somebody who has AR+ on 6s.

I have SE with AR+

I have a 6S but in the settings in the game there is an AR+ option that I have checked on.
Also all the official pages as well as the news articles say 6S or higher!!
It should work

You also could do it with the set background, but what’s the fun of that?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: