AR Mapping tasks are coming to Pokémon GO

Didn’t Niantic request players to do this several weeks ago just for the fun of it? Apparently nobody was interested. I didn’t want to do it for fun, and I don’t want to do it for game rewards.

They might have to hire somebody to do the job.

I can’t even figure out how to do it or maybe I’m just not at a high enough level.

That was a great 2 and a half hours of new “content”.

Guys, i might be done with the game… Niantic is just using us to get a 3D map database, and meanwhile level 40+ isnt here after 3 years, im still waiting on giftable, PvP is broken (as it has been since release) and bugs are just not ever going to get fixed…

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It’s back online.

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I did one yesterday. Kind of annoying. Got another this morning that I’ll do on the way home from work.

Hmm. I only have found gyms with the AR Mapping tasks. Not pokestops. What about you all?

I’ve only gotten one such task, and it was last night for a gym. (And of course it’s a gym that is a post office in a mini-mall… not possible to walk around it, so I just deleted the task and moved on.)

Got two, but I found those while in the car going back from a small vacation.

I’ve gotten one AR Mapping Task from a Gym but I’m not motivated to do it as it’s only giving me Great Balls. Don’t know if PokéStops can give them because I haven’t visited a PokéStop since AR Mapping Tasks are implemented as I have to do a bunch of other things currently.

I’ve done both a stop and a gym so far. Have a stop to do maybe tomorrow.

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